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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Have you ever watched Wipeout? It's a gameshow where contestants attempt to make it through an obstacle course. The winner is rewarded with $50,000. The trick to this whole thing is that the obstacles are nearly impossible, beating people, bruising people, bending in ways they never knew they could, and literally causing WIPEOUTS!  We love watching this show for 2 reasons...to watch people WIPEOUT and to listen to the hosts of the show.

Sometimes our days feel like complete wipeouts. We feel beaten, bruised, punched, bounced, and flipped. Somedays we don't feel like we can get up one more time, and other days we breeze right through the course. We should handle both of those types of days in the same way. On the days we feel confident and motivated, we should praise God. Thank Him for all His grace and mercy. Thank Him for everything we are and everything we have. On the days we wish would hurry up and end, we should do the same. Thank Him that we still have breath. Thank Him that we are competent enough to understand that we are having problems. Thankful that we have a God that creating the universe and allowing us to share it with each other.

Nothing bad comes from God. Even when our circumstances FEEL terrible, God is using it for some purpose. God works all things together for our good. There is always a bigger picture. God doesn't MAKE bad things happen to us. Sometime the bad things are a result of our bad choices. We need to quit blaming God for everything and start thanking God for everything, even the unwanted.

Dear God,
Thank You for another day of breath. Thank you for filling my heart with a dream, and God, I need You to help me make that dream come true. I have put aside Cristi things, and have made a committment to live for God things. Please give me the courage to keep that committment. Please give me the enery and faith to pull through even when I wipeout. Thank you for teaching me valuable lessons when I do wipeout, it strengthens my faith every time I stand back up. I love you for saving my life. Thank you for using me to help others, open my eyes to those who need me.

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