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Monday, January 10, 2011


Remember in elementary school when you were first learning how to use a balance to weigh things? Sometimes you may put too much on one side and the whole things would fall apart. It was really hard to get just the right amount of things on each side to make it balance just right. Well, isn't it funny how almost every lesson in life can be compared to some childhood experience?

Life as an adult is all about BALANCE. the most difficult thing about being a mom, wife, teacher, student, friend, and every other realtionship is this simple word. Sometimes we get so engulfed in something that the weight becomes distributed in all the wrong places, and the balance falls apart. As a teacher who loves her job, I often find myself putting so much of myself into my work that the balance is not steady. Bringing papers home to grade, surfing the web for new teaching ideas, packing lunches, giving baths, helping with homework, cooking dinner, doing my own homework, and still finding some time to spend with my husband and God is oftentimes a crisis. It is my prayer that I would stay balanced.

Thank you for your wonderful gift of relationships. Thank you for choosing me to be the mother of 2 healthy children who I adore. Thank you for my job. Thank you for the students I spend so much time thinking about. Thank for family and friends that encourage me and make me laugh everyday. Most importantly, thank you for giving us fresh starts, second chances. Thank you that I can mess up today, and you will cover me with grace. Please give me passion and balance in my life. When my scales begin to tip in one direction, please direct and guide me to get the balance back. Help me to be an enouragement to people daily as I depend on you for my encouragement.

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