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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bachelor - The Rose Ceremony

Love watching the Bachelor, but love even more picking out the "evil" girls (probably not the most Christian thing to do). Isn't it so clear to us (as viewers) who should get kicked off. The most awaited part of the show is the rose ceremony. It's pretty cool to see the same girls getting a rose each week. I wonder how many roses the winner will have received by the end of the show? I also wonder if the guy has already made up his mind about who he is going to choose? Funny thing is, we receive roses everyday too. Each new day we wake up is a rose, each new friendship is a rose, each newborn child is a rose, each promotion is a rose, each gift God gives us is a rose. In the end, what we are chosen for is indescribable, it's more than any tv show could ever glamorize.

The girls and the bachelor are in a moment of utopia, good feelings, amazing dates. However, none of that compares to the feeling we should feel as Christians. The Creator of the Universe picked all of us during the final rose ceremony. He will not make us compete against each other for His love. He has given us ALL a rose, a rose garden. What we do with our rose is up to us. There is no bachelor that compares to our God. He is the knight in shining armor that will save the day. He saved our lives. He died for us, so shouldn't we at least water the rose He gave us.

We should never allow competition, flashy "things", other relationships, and gossip get in the way of our pursuit of Him. Let's help each other, not deter each other from getting all we can from this confusing thing called life.

Dear God,
Thank you for giving me a rose. Help me to realize that I am a daughter of the King; that I have no reason to doubt Your love for me. Help to see that Satan wants nothing more than for me to be depressed, anxious, self doubting, and regretful. Satan wants me to feel like You haven't forgiven me, but I know You have. You wiped it all away. I pray for a soft heart, one that listens more than speaking. One that always sees people the way You do. Thank you for giving me a rose even when I didn't deserve one.

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