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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We CAN control our behavior

Have you ever heard people say, "I was just so mad I couldn't control myself"? I wish I had a quarter for everytime someone claimed they could not control their actions and what they say. It is a proven fact that the smallest, yet most difficult muscle in our body to control is our tongue (that's why Satan uses it so much). Just imagine the wars, divorces, lost jobs, broken hearts, and broken kids that are found in our world...and to think they all occurred at least to some extent) because of someone's lack of control over their tongue. Now, think of the opposite. How many lives could be saved, children taught to be world changers, thriving marriages, positive work relationships, and mental health issues could be solved (or at least improved) by changing a negative word into a positive word. It's all about control!! What is the majority of us learned to control our tongues...what a wonderful world it would be!!

Here's another example for my teacher friends...when you are at school, your students act one way. When you have a sub, they act a COMPLETELY different way. Proving the fact even more that humans control their behavior. The determining factor in whether we control our behavior or not is who we are trying to impress. In other words, if you are around someone who you are trying to impress, you can magically control your behavior. Ever been in this situation...horrible day, kids are arguing, 2 more weeks until pay day, nothing in the freezer to cook for dinner, bad day at work, and even worse, you and your spouse are arguing. Things are getting pretty heated and your screaming at your kids to stop fighting and get to their room. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It's a guest (you can fill in the blank....neighbor, pastor, friend, stranger). Just like magic, your fit of rage turns to a cheerful smile. Your rough tone changes to a polite welcoming voice. See what I mean?? We CAN control our behavior.

We have to quit praying the pity prayer (God, I just can't do it....) We have to speak revelation into our lives. Pray with authority. We are on the winning team, so act like it. If we are willing to control our behavior for a stranger, shouldn't we give it our best to the Creator, the King....everyday, every minute. Be bold...pray for revelation that God would give you wisdom and guidance. Don't beg Him to change you. He will help, but we have to put our big boy/girl pants on and do some work too.

Dear God,
Thank you for saving me. Thank you for looking beyond my flaws and loving me. Thank you for giving me something I don't deserve. Give me wisdom to make the choices that will make you proud. I want to make You smile down on me, and I can't do it without Your help. Direct me, grow me, stretch me. I want to be more like You. God, in Your name, I demand that Satan take a backseat. Satan has no business in my life, around my family, in my school...there is only room for You. Thank you, Lord, that I'm not where I need to be...but thank You even more that I'm not where I used to be.

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