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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miracles still happen!!

Well, I'm back to blogging after a week long battle with the flu (my son). Over the past 21 days I been experiencing some supernatural events as my church is in a series called Awakening. We, as a church, have been praying and fasting for 21 days. My family has been pressing in hard to God, asking for Him to speak to and guide us. Boy, did He pull through in a BIG WAY! So, I'm gonna try to fit the miracles we have seen in just the past 21 days in this little blog...you ready?

As many of you know, Alan and I have been looking for a new house. We needed something bigger for our rather large Brady Bunch. We discussed what we were looking for and it sounded extravagant...3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, bonus room, large yard...yeah, something we we never believed we could have. So, we have found a few houses and called about them. They all had MOST of the things we wanted, but none of them had ALL we wanted. We decided we were just going to have to settle (due to our budget) and do without some of the "luxuries" we had hoped for. To make a long story short God was at work the whole time. As I have been fasting and praying, He has spoken to me through other people and verses. God's Word says he doesn't just want to give us what we want, He wants to bless us beyond what we can even imagine or dream. Through some cancelled appointments by other people, some patience on our part, and some supernatural miracles God showed us a house that has EVERYTHING we initially wanted. Funny thing is that today, the last day of the fast, we put our deposit on it :) It is officially our's!! We are so happy, but the ONLY way to explain this is that God's Hand was all over it. It was nothing we did, except be faithful and trust in Him.

Just when we thought we may as well quit looking and stay where we were, God showed up. If we hadn't listened to Him, we would be in a house that was out of our budget and not what we needed. I'm so thankful for the committment we made to trust in and follow Christ. The best part of this whole story....this house is less money per month than we are paying now!! God is good. So, I say all this to say, we HAVE to let God work in our lives, even when it makes no sense. If it was all laid out in front of us, it would be easy, and everyone would do it. God wants to see dedicated people who will trust Him even when they can't understand why thigns are happening. We can't just pray for things to happen. It would have been a mistake for us to pray, "God, please GIVE us this house we want so bad". We need to want God's will. Do you realize that He is all powerful, He could suck up all the air on Earth right now if He wanted. He is Mighty. Who are we to think we know better? Let's step aside and let the Creator take control...trust me, it's alot less stressful when you let life go and put it in His hands.

Dear God,
Thank you so much for planning out my life. You knew me before I was born, and you know when I'll take my last breath. Thank you that You don't want an average life for me, You want me to be blessed beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you for whispering to me so that I never give up. I want life to be all about You. Please help me to step aside every day I wake up so people will see less of me and more of You. I am so honored to be your daughter and I want to make You proud. Thank you for miracles and for putting all the pieces together.

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