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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Things Can Change Everything

Schools out, too cold to play outside, can't drive anywhere, and the only thing on tv is the latest update of "severe winter weather". Isn't it funny how it all started with ONE TINY RAIN DROP. Most of the choices we make in life seem insignificant and small at the time, but when you compile them all together and look back, they drastically change (for better or for worse) the direction of your life. I guess it's comparable to a diet. The decision to change one meal at a time will lead to a healthy DAY...a few days of these choices will lead to a healthy WEEK...MONTH...and soon the results of weight loss will be noticeable.

Most things in life do not suddenly happen (which is the opposite of what people like to think)...there is usually a build up of smaller choices that lead to an event. What's funny is that we, as humans who don't like to accept the blame for things, somehow justify our crisis by blaming it on LIFE. When it all actuality our crisis is typically the result of our poor judgment of several small decisions which have escalated into something HUGE. Let me break it down...one small purchase at a time (which we justify and feel like we deserve) can eventually lead to debt, arguments, and an overwhelming stress. My word for 2011 is FREE...hopefully, my family will experience freedom this year as we make a conscious effort to pray about the small, daily decisions. Don't let the routine of daily life allow you to take for granted the importance of EACH CHOICE you make, they are ALL important. Without each rain drop, the winter storm wouldn't have been so severe.

Dear God,
Today I pray that we would make you proud. I pray that we would consult you for every single choice we make. Thank you for giving us free will, but thank you even more for being here with us helping us use our free will wisely. Please give us wisdom daily so that the small events build up and create positive experiences rather than a life changing crisis. Humble us...we can't do this alone. We need you to give us passion and positive attitudes, so that we see things through Your eyes. The world wants us to believe we deserve material things...please open our eyes to see that You gave us forgiveness and grace which we didn't deserve. Thank you for staying the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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