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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Life Sentence

Imagine this scenerio for a moment...you are standing in a court room facing a trial that could change your life. The verdict comes back GUILTY. You are now standing in front of the judge, the one who holds your future. You plead your case, but he doesn't seemed interested. He is about to sentence you to LIFE IN PRISON. Suddenly, someone appears in the back of the courtroom and suggests to the judge that they serve your sentence for you. This person is willing to watch you go free regardless of what you did.

This is what happens in every one of our lives. We are all "criminals" in this life, sinning on a daily basis. No matter how hard we try, how much we pray, how loud we turn our Christian music, we are human. We will never have a day where we are perfect. HOWEVER, we have the Creator of the Universe that is standing in the back of our courtroom saying "I want you to be FREE". Jesus Christ was sent to this Earth, walked a sinless life, and died for us to be free. If you were allowed to walk out of that courtroom after facing life behind bars, would you return directly to a life of crime. NO!! Let's show God how thankful we are for His favor by living a life that makes Him proud. When an ordinary person encounters our extraordinary God, something amazing takes place. I wish everyone could feel that at least ONCE in their life. That would change everything.

Deat God,
Thank you for taking my place in the life sentence. Thank you for letting me walk free. I am so thankful that Your grace covers me, that Your mercy is extended to me on a daily basis. I want to be more like You..please guide me. I want wisdom, power, and passion. Please open my eyes to God things, not world things. Help me to realize that Satan wants to mess me up. Keep me focused, so he doesn't win. The battle is over...the victory is ours. Thank you for that...I'm so glad to be on the winning team.

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