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Sunday, February 13, 2011


My least favorite household chore is doing laundry. Let me be more specific, my least favorite part of laundry is folding. I can even be more specific than that and say that my least favorite part of folding is the "sock load". As a matter of fact, I dread it so much that I usually do that load last so that I can just leave them in the dryer and everyone can match their own socks throughout the week. Do you have some chore that you feel that strongly about? The worst part is...if I don't do the laundry, no one will have clothes for the week. This is the kicker...my wonderful, amazing husband always offers to do it for me (I think he just offers because he knows I will say no). Because of my FEAR that he might not do it exactly like I do it, put just the right amount of fabric softener in, and fold the towels just right I always respond back with a, "no, I got it." Why are we like that? OCD maybe? I think it's more like C-R-A-Z-Y!!

We should welcome the fact that people want to help us, but we are so set in our routines that we go like robots until we crash at night. So, back to my story on folding laundry. I would definately have to say that if you take the clothes out right away, while they're still warm, they are so much easier to fold; there are no wrinkles. If you leave them in there for a while after the dryer goes off, they don't fold as easy or look as good. The plan for our lives is the same way. If we would learn to step out (get out of the dryer) when God says "GO", we would have peace and would stay in alignment with Him. If we think we know what's best, and our plan is better than God's we will probably stay in the dryer a little longer than we should...this is called DISOBEDIENCE and will quickly lead to us feeling like God is distant from us. Well, guess what...if we feel distant from God, guess who moved...we did!!

Sometimes God's plan may seem crazy to us, in fact impossible. we often forget who He is...I mean, he breathed the Earth into motion!! Who are we to argue with this Supernatural Creator who keeps the planets spinning exactly right. God wants us to just have faith and step out. We have to be certain that it's God's voice we hear, that's why we stay tuned in to Him. If we step out, succeed, and live an impossible God dream then the only person who can get the credit in God. If we wait until our time, and God still blesses us (because He's a great God), we are likely to give ourselves the credit. Let's allow god to move in our lives and get out of the dryer when He says to :)