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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fresh Start

As I embark on this new venture of BLOGGING, I feel compelled to share my purpose. I decided this year not to set a New Year's Resolution...only to committ myself to one word for the next 365 days. The word I chose was "FREE". I am making a conscious effort to be FREE. Financially free, stress free, worry free, drama free, free to live and worship, free to live passionately for Christ, my kids, my husband, and others. As I think we all feel at the end of a year, I was ready for a fresh start, a clean slate. What a better time to begin fresh with a clean slate and live free than RIGHT NOW. I have chosen to journal this adventure in order to keep me accountable and, even more important, to encourage others.

I will begin this journey tomorrow, so please join me...become a follower...and receive some encouragement along with plenty of laughs from our crazy but wonderful life :)

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  1. Best Wishes on your new blog! I don't know how you put the little blogs with twitter,facebook, etc..."sharing" buttons, I have tried for a long time with no success. I click the button to add them in my blogger and well, it is okay...I might be using a wrong code or something, etc...
    Best wishes once again! I love blogging and have been doing so for several years. 2010 was a tough year and you will see from looking at mine, I was not a regular...like I used to be, but going to change my blogging habits this year.