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Monday, January 24, 2011

Even when we feel like....

Our poor little boys have been so sick. Cody spent last week in the ER and doctor's office with a final verdict of acid reflux. Now, Dylan has the flu. He is so pitiful. He wants to feel better so bad, but his little body is just struggling to fight off this yucky bug. He's trying to eat, and laugh, and play, BUT he just doesn't have to energy. Today he felt so bad he asked me to stop rubbing his head because it hurt to touch him. It is so sad, as a mom, to watch your child lay in bed and hurt. We have an instinct that makes us want to care for, make better, and protect our kids (and even other kids). We want what's best for them. When we see them hurt, we hurt. When they smile, we smile. We they feel joy, we do. I found myself constantly checking on Dylan today..."do you feel better, honey", "is there anything I can get you?" Until finally he said, "mom, I just want to sleep!!"

So, I decided to leave him alone and spend some quiet time with God (my usual time is 5:30am) but it's always nice to have MORE than the normal. God revealed something to me...He is the same way towards us that moms are to their kids!! God is constantly checking on us...when we hurt, He hurts...when we smile, He smiles...when we don't feel like holding our head up, He wants to gives us some medicine (which is usually is Word and Prayer). But too often, we respond to Him just like Dylan did to me..."God, can You leave us alone...we just want to sleep!!" It's time we wake up, respond to Him, accept His cure, and experience life the way He intended for us to. He didn't send His son for us to live an average life with the "flu". He wants us to be full of joy, kindness, love, compassion, strength, wisdom, and generosity. It's no wonder unbelievers don't want to know God if we, as believers, walk around with our heads down, sick, and gloomy. Let's show the world that we are experiencing a new life, a life full of hope. Although we will get "sick" sometimes, we have a Savior that will follow us around until we accept His help to get well.

Dear God,
Thank you for giving us life. Thank you for healing us, and making us feel better. I am so passionately in love with You and I am believing that You are getting ready to do big things in my life. It is my prayer, Lord, that when those big things happen, You get the glory. God, give me wisdom and guidance to be more like You. Feel my heart my love and my eyes with opportunities to make a difference for Your Kingdom. I want more of You and less of this world.

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