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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bring out the Positive

On any given day, there are WAY more positive things that happen to you than negative. Have you ever REALLY sat and thought about that? Sometimes when we ask people, "how was your day?" They respond, "not so good." If we were honest, we would say EVERYDAY is a great day. Now, I'm not so positive that I never have a rough day. Somedays I feel like staying in bed. Somedays I want to scream. BUT, what I AM saying is that no matter how bad our day may SEEM, there have been many more positive things that happened during those 24 hours than negative. Often it seems the other way around.

Why do we feel like there is more negative? Ironically, it's because the good and positive things are so common that we often overlook them. In contrast, the negative, troubling things get our attention because the are, for the most part, unusual. Instead of letting the small number of difficulties cloud your thinking and grab your attention, make an effort and work to make the positive things your priority. Challenge yourself to make a mental list each day of at least 20 things that were good, valuable, positive things that come your way. The list can be as simple as "I woke up". Those are the things we overlook.

Most people, if asked, can quickly rattle off their list of troubles and problems.They would quickly be able to name at least 10 things. Put some effort into bringing out the positive, and I promise it will change your thinking.

Change your thoughts to positive, and you will be surprised how little your "negative" list gets :)

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